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The CRB Music education project works to provide affordable music education to individuals of all ages, promoting the value of music, and giving anyone the opportunity to study music who might otherwise be unable to.

The Crb music education project was founded on january 4, 2009.  the project will be based in eugene, oregon, but hopes to expand in the future to communities around the country.


the goal of our organization is to establish a music education center that will be aimed at younger children that don't have the opportunity to learn music, whether from a lack of music in school, or a lack of the financial means to encourage the kids. However, our objective is to offer music education to everyone who is interested. our organization will aim to offer affordable education to all people, and to those under especially restricting financial situations. crbmep will be able to offer drastically reduced fees to those in need.  The project will be maintained by volunteers from the local community.  From musicians and college students, to music teachers and college music professors, people from all different walks of life with sufficient music background will make up the volunteer base for education.  The Project will be run on the hours volunteers give every week.

currently the project is still in its very early stages of development.  We are currently working on our business plan as well as putting together our board of directors. In addition we are taking the steps to establish crbmep as a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)) with the IRS.

We are also currently looking to the community to look for the following information.

-The need and want for this project in the eugene, oregon community

-volunteers interested in giving time to teach music or to help organize and run crbmep

-members of the community willing to help establish or fund the CRB Music education project

The project is named in memory of the late Cliff Royer Brown (CRB). Cliff was the uncle of founder Dan Gearhardt. He was a local musician in the state of Michigan and passed away in 2001. Dan hopes to share the same passion for music given to him by his uncle with the local community of Eugene, Oregon.

Welcome to the CRB Music education project

“One of these days I’ll climb a mountain just to prove that I still can.”

~Cliff Royer Brown


If you are interested in helping CRBmep or would like more information about the project, please contact the founder of the CRB Music Education Project, Dan Gearhardt at

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Jan. 8, 2009